Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sour Cream Salsa Chicken

Boneless skinless chicken breasts
I used a bag of the frozen kind (around $6)
1 package of Taco seasoning
1 jar of salsa
2 tbsp of cornstarch
1/4 cup of sour cream

Put the chicken in the Crockpot, sprinkle taco seasoning over the top of the chicken pour entire jar of salsa on top put on lid and cook on Low for 6-8 hours (high around 4 hours)

When done remove Chicken to a plate. dissolve cornstarch in a small amount of water and pour in salsa, add sour cream and mix well.

I always put the chicken back in and let it simmer in the salsa. I also serve over rice. It's really good.

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